Banking AI Customer Centricity Platform

AI Customer centricity platform for banks and credit unions

to reach their account holders’ untapped value

Data privacy

Data privacy guaranteed overtime

We use only anonymous data, not a single sensitive data will leave your servers. Only your bank can read your results.

Data integration

Zero hassle data integration

Our solution requires no effort from your IT department or additional skills, you will not have to pay consulting firms to get insight from your own data.

Computational resources on us

We do the heavy lifting for you, running millions of calculations on our server, so you will not have to buy additional hardware.

Quick result

Results in less than 4 weeks

We do the job so rapidly that you will get results in only 4 weeks, this will change the outcome of your upselling and cross-selling strategies.

How it works

connect data

Connect data

Connect your internal data with no effort, we anonymize account holders’ sensitive information and we enrich your data with external data sources.

We want your data to speak to you!

Use our SaaS

You will have your reserved space where you will be able to see our analysis and prediction. Download and engage audiences to target with specific campaigns and create new products.

Use case - credit card upselling


Discover that 10% of account holders (10,000) are ready and eligible for a credit card:

45% using an alternative credit card (e.g. DISCOVER)

35% likely to be in need of a credit card

20% likely to want a premium credit card


Maximize account holders’ value by driving “Credit Card upselling” marketing campaigns:

Hint to the product team to create a new credit card offer

60% audience targeted by marketing digital campaigns

40% audience targeted by relationship managers


$150k annual fees

$270k annual transactions fees

$2.6M annual interests on late payments